Save 15% guaranteed on your electricity costs when you enroll with Join Solar.

Are you a Central Maine Power or Versant Bangor Hydro Electric customer?

Maine residents choose Join Solar

Our solar farms offer a FREE, easy way to support clean, local energy with no solar panels on your roof. When you enroll in the Join Solar program, you’ll enjoy a guaranteed
15% savings each month on your usual energy costs.


How Community Solar Works

Community Solar is a local energy option that makes solar power available to renters and homeowners with no up-front costs or expensive solar panels. Our community solar farms across Maine generate power from the sun and deliver it into the Central Maine Power and Versant Bangor Hydro Electric grids. 

No solar panels on your roof, only on our Maine solar farms. We generate power from the sun, then pass it along.

Solar energy
is delivered into the CMP and Versant Bangor Hydro Electric grids.


CMP or Versant Bangor Hydro Electric
credits you for the solar
energy allocated to you.
We bill you for those
credits at a 15% discount,
saving you money every month.

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support clean, local energy while Saving Money

Our farms are located right here in Maine, supporting the community.
Solar energy goes directly into the CMP and Versant Bangor Hydro Electric electric grids, replacing carbon energy.
It’s guaranteed. For every $100 of solar credits earned, you pay only $85 — a 15% discount.
Satisfaction Guarantee, plus feel great knowing you are helping to keep our planet healthy.
Our community solar farms send clean solar power into the local utility grid. You avoid the hassle and expense of solar panels on your roof.
You receive a credit for the solar credits on your utility bill. The credit you receive is based on a dollar amount tied to your electricity usage.

You pay Join Solar up to 15% less than the amount credited to you by your utility, saving you money every month.


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Central Maine Power and Versant Bangor Hydro Electric Customers:

About Join Solar by Novel Energy

Novel Energy Solutions helps a wide range of clients and customers with their clean energy needs. We will assist you in making sense of all available clean energy options and devise a clean energy plan that is right for your farm, business, non-profit organization, or personal residence.

Did you know that most businesses, farms, non-profits, and residences are eligible for a variety of clean energy incentives? The Novel Energy Solutions team will work with you to identify all applicable tax credits, rebates, and financing options to help you make money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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